Diamond Coatings

Diamond Coatings is an optical coatings and ITO glass supplier with a worldwide customer base which includes companies of all sizes as well as companies which supply a diverse range of products.

Over the years we have been involved in projects in industries ranging from Automotive to Aerospace as well as serving requirements for University research projects. 

In addition as an ITO glass supplier, we have worked closely with the military in a number of countries as well as with medical boards creating truly breakthrough technology.

We also have business ties with leading manufacturers in the telecommunications industry with whom we work very closely to create new and innovative designs.

Diamond Coatings have great technical resources which we use daily to work with companies and offer full support in designing and manufacturing prototype products that really are ground breaking concepts.

Industries served include:

  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Defence & Military
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • & many more…

Main Products

Main specialties include:

ITO Coatings

AR & Special Coatings

Plastic and EMI Mesh Filters

Brinell Vision Ltd.

Company profile                                                    
Brinell Vision is a UK manufacturer of precision optical filters and subsystems. We provide customer focused solutions for laser protection, laser filters and display applications using the latest design and manufacturing methods in thin film deposition. All our products are manufactured to European quality management ISO9001 standard and laser protection products are certified according to EN 207, EN208 & EN12254.

Markets and Products
Brinell Vision operates in medical & industrial laser, security & military optics, instrumentation & fluorescence technology, communication, research and development. Our products protect and enhance the performance of some of the world most demanding optical applications and are qualified to operate in harsh environments on the ground, air and space. We work in diverse areas such as medical laser surgery, disease control, astronomy, IR imaging, night-vision (NVIS) and daylight readable display for airc

Main Products

Most demanding Thin Film Deposition processes

Most advanced technologies in Optical Coatings