UQG Optics Ltd.

About UQG
UQG Ltd, a UK optical manufacturer, stockist and supplier of custom/stock optical components and technical glasses. In this ever competitive world we deliver a high quality product at the right price, suppling the home market with a full product range and exporting to Europe, America and Asia.

UQG Ltd has built its business on reputation and recommendation with a dedicated team working with our customers to achieve a high level of service and a quality product.

Producing the majority of our components in house using the latest machining technology, we also source some production from a network of proven certified suppliers from around the world. This gives us competitive pricing for a complete product range enabling us to compete on a global scale. 
UQG have a diverse range of machines for optical fabrication and glass machining. Supplying prototypes/small quantities to volume production. Our engineering production capabilities can be seen on our services page

Quality/ Test FacilitiesISO 9001 Registered Firm
All our products are 100% visually inspected for any imperfections in the material and surface defects. We batch test all dimensions on final inspection that is additional to the operator inspection throughout production.  We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited. We also have testing and measuring equipment which includes Interferometers, Spectrophotometers, test flats etc. 

Main Products

Wide Optical products capabilities

  • Windows
  • Lenses
  • Prisms
  • Filters
  • Mirrors

Very wide selection of materials (All Glasses, Sapphire, Fused Quarz, ZnS, Etc.)

Full custom capabilities

Fast deliveries 

JML Optical Industries, LLC

JML solve our customer’s imaging challenges through the design, manufacture and testing of custom optical assemblies, components and systems. Our solutions encompass manufacturing of prototype and production volumes as well as flexible design and delivery options.  The combination of our experienced design and engineering staff, vertically-integrated domestic manufacturing facility and network of off-shore manufacturing affiliates provides supplier continuity and assurance throughout our customer’s product life cycle. Founded in 1972, today we are an integrated designer and maker of precision optics serving all industries that use imaging optics including defense, medical and bio-medical diagnostics, life science research, metrology and biometrics.

Main Products

  • Lenses, Mirrors, Planos
  • Prisms, Polarizers, Singlets
  • Waveplates, Beam Splitters, Filters
  • Objectives, Eyepieces, Diffusers
  • Multi-Element Lens Systems
  • All typas of Glasses and Coatings                                                                                              

Cost effective prices of cross ref. producers:


IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a wide capable optics manufacturer. The manufacturing operations are cell-based, meaning there are dedicated employees, dedicated equipment, and dedicated floor space for a specific customer or product line. Each cell is responsible for the entire process a component will experience, from ordering raw material to final inspection and shipping.

Main Products

Wide optical products capabilities

  • Flat Optics
  • Cylindrical optics
  • Prisms
  • Optical Lenses
  • Optical Coatings
  • Techncal Glass
  • Float Glass

Military specs capabilities