TeknoMega S.r.l.

Founded in 2004 by a group of managers, technical and commercial experience in the field of electrical and panel builders, in 2006 TEKNOMEGA boasted a budget of absolute respect that continues to grow over time.

TeknoMega value it's service, by letting our customers and partners assist in providing know-how and rimproved reliable products, such as components for the wiring of electrical panels, fastening systems for electrical installations and fixing systems for photovoltaic, Last product family included, with great success.

The progress of TEKNOMEGA is based on creativity and passion that we devote to our service: this allows us to cultivate a sense of pride about the high level of satisfaction that we find in our partners.

Main Products

Components and fastening systems for Electrical & Solar industries

  • components for low voltage electric panel board assembling
  • Fastening solutions for Industrial uses
  • Photovolatic fixing systems

Very wide range of solutions

Custom capabilities