SARKUYSAN manufacture wide range of electrolytic copper products, copper tube and bus bars. The company’s products are the standard input materials of several industries including electro technique, electronic, motor, communication, power generation and distribution, solar and renewable energy, home appliances, measurement instruments, defence, automotive, chemical, construction, heating, air-conditioning and sanitary plumbing.

Main Products

Electrolytic copper products

  • 8 MM. Electrolytic copper wire rod
  • Electrolytic copper bare bunch, multi and stranded wires
  • Electrolytic copper flat wires
  • Tin, Nickel and Silver copper plated wires, bunch/multiwire
  • Pure Electrolitic Copper Tubes
  • Electrolytic Copper Busbars
  • Trolley Wires 

Gemciler A.S.

In 1948 the company began its journey by manufacturing copper sheets as Güven Bakır İş ve Koll Şti and by 1993 the company showed a large development and started to produce copper foil and strips. The company has continued the journey as Gemciler Güven Metal San ve Tic A.Ş since 1997. 
Gemciler Güven Metal San Tic.A.Ş, from it's foundation, producing electrolytic copper and conductors, has been one of the leading companies of both local sector and Turkish industry by applying modern and high technologies, while developing through the years with  increasing investments.

Main Products

High quality Electrolytic copper conductors

  • Copper Busbars (Sharp, Semi-Radius, Full-Radius)
  • Copper Strips (0.1-4.0 mm. thickness)

Wide hardness capabilities