NEL Technologies Ltd.

NEL Technologies supply components and sub–assemblies for use in many industry sectors including aerospace, oil and gas exploration and production, medical, electronics, scientific and pharmaceuticals. Neltec® provides electrical heating elements and a complete thermal management solution for surface heating substrates. By combining etched foil heaters and thermal protection systems with heatsink design, Neltec® produce fully assembled and functionally tested heater units. Alternatively, a simple flexible heater mat can be supplied in any shape and almost any size, voltage and wattage with lead assemblies and connectors. 

Main Products

  • Flexible Heaters (Polimide, Polyester, Silicone Rubber, Etc.)
  • Thermal solutions for surface heating                                                                                                                                                            
  • Custom Solutions from design to full product mass production

Crown Precision & electroics Co. Ltd.

For years, Crown P&E have developed a wide range of products lines including AC, DC fan motors and air-moving products oriented in motor technology. In fact, our reputations were mainly created by our ODM and custom design service. Crown P&E products are designed to meet the toughest standards of CE, cULs, TUV. Products of Crown P&E are widely applied in the telecommunications, networking, office automation, home electronics, medical and industrial sectors. 

Main Products

  • DC Axial Fans, Blowers, Impellers, Cross Fans
  • AC Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Cross Fans
  • Fan Accessories, Guards, Filters, Cords
  • Fan Trays
  • VGA & Chipset Coolers
  • ODM & Custom design products available 


Since its foundation DAU has been involved in the manufacture of electromechanical components, and during the last 20 years has become well known as a company specialized in solving thermal management problems, particularly for the high power electronics industry. 

Due to its wide range of heat dissipating products, DAU can offer a solution for nearly every thermal problem. Besides its thermal management products, DAU also offers problem-solving support services such as CFD software analyses for thermal problems. After modelling virtual prototypes and creating CAD drawings in either AutoCAD or Pro Eng., a highly specialized and automated mechanical department manufactures both the simulated prototypes as well as production parts on CNC controlled milling machines. 

Main Products

Proffessional Thermal Management Solutions

  • Liquid Cool Heatsinks
  • Air Cooled Heatsinks
  • Heatpipes
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Busbars
  • Punched lectronic Components

Optimization expertize of cooling solutions

Vast experience with world reputable customers

State of the art technologies

Wolverine MicroCool

For over a century, Wolverine Tube has been a global leader in engineered heat transfer solutions including the design, development and fabrication of thermal management products. With a global customer base, Wolverine is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of surface-enhanced copper and copper alloy tube, high tech brazing and joining compounds, and specialty alloy tubes. Learn more.

Today, Wolverine’s MicroCool® Division has leveraged its core competencies to engineer new thermal management solutions for the liquid cooling of computer systems and high-performance power electronics. MicroCool® surface technology offers the OEM engineer and system integrator the optimum in design flexibility while maximizing both thermal performance and pressure drop.

If you have a thermal challenge with electrical components or systems contact the MicroCool® engineering team today for a host of MicroCool® approaches to resolve your cooling challenge.

Main Products

Top notch engineered Heat Transfer solutions

  • Cold Plates (semi custom and custom)
  • Liquid cooling systems
  • Base Plates (standard and custom)
  • MicroCool Clad

Most advanced solutions and technologies

Full CFD and simulation services

Techsource Thermal Solutions, Inc.

TechSource Thermal Solutions provides leading edge thermal management solutions and world-class heatsinks to the power supply, microprocessor, computer, automotive, communication, industrial control, consumer electronics, and aerospace and defense industries. We specialize in solving thermal management challenges for today's electronics cooling. Techsource Thermal Solutions offers a comprehensive line of thermal management products. Whether off-the-shelf or custom designed.

Main Products

  • HeatSinks
  • Thermal Adhesives
  • Proffessional Thermal Solutions
  • All types: off-shelf or custom designed
  • Small quantities accepted
  • Fast deliveries