Kaga Electronics Co. Ltd. (Volgen)

Volgen is renown for providing compact, low-profile, extremely high-quality AC/DC and DC/DC switch mode converters for communication, automation, industrial control, and aerospace markets worldwide. When you select Volgen to fill your power supply needs, you get Quality, Reliability and Performance. Our products are designed to last because our manufacturing is done under stringent quality control procedures. We take great pride in the quality level of our products and our customer's satisfaction and extremely low field returns prove it. Our switching power supplies achieve MTBF in excess of 200,000 hours - our DC/DC converters well over 1,000,000 hours.

Main Products

• External Adapters (Desktop, Wall Mount)
• DC/DC Converters
• AC/DC Metal Power Supplies
• Open Frame Power Supplies
• Medical Power Supplies
• Usb Chargers
 Custom Capabilities
 Volgen is a renowned brand of Kaga Elec. (Japan)

American Power Design, Inc.

American Power Design (APD) is a leading supplier of high voltage DC to DC converters. Our product offering is from 0.5 to 200 watts with outputs to 8000Vdc. Our converters are utilized in a very broad range of applications from hundreds of feet below the ocean's surface to orbiting miles above the earth.

Since our founding in 1994, APD has strived to produce a high quality DC to DC converter with 100% customer satisfaction without compromise. To achieve this goal we have developed automated assembly and test equipment geared to accommodate small lot sizes. These processes have allowed us to produce small to large production runs with a high degree of efficiency while maintaining our proven high quality track record.

Customer focused solutions; designed, engineered, and produced under the same roof integrating 'know how', quality, and efficiency. Our rapid turn-around time and responsive design solutions will assist in getting your product to market in minimum time.

Main Products

Leading Manufacturer of high voltage DC to DC converters

  • 0.5 to 200 watts DC to DC converters.
  • outputs up to 8000Vdc.

State of the art technology

Fully customized solutions in rapid turn-around time